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Bosh Gaz 6000 W ( WBN 6000-24 CR N ) should I buy Tado

I have an Bosh Gaz 6000 W ( WBN 6000-24 CR N ) boiler that says it accepts OpenTherm and EMS bus. I am located in Eastern Europe and the Bosh heating system is produced in Russia. I am wondering if I can buy and use Tado with it.

I plan to buy a Wireless Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+, wondering I I still have to buy the Extension Kit.


  • JoeyJoey | Moderator

    Hello lordz_md,

    Thank you for your question,

    Yes, tado° is compatible with this boiler via Opentherm and On/Off,

    Kind regards,

    Your tado° Team

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