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How does V3+ take into account solar production for hot tap water?

Hi, I would like to understand how Tado takes into account solar heating? Does the hot tap water function on the V3+ extension take account of anticipated solar radiation before it starts the gas boiler?


  • JoeyJoey | Moderator

    Hello Sustainable,

    Thank you for question,

    And yes, tado° does factor solar activity into it's algorithm. This data is sourced from online weather data,

    Kind regards,

    Your tado° Team

  • Hi, I know that the Tado does weather compensation, the question is whether the algorithm takes into account the expected solar heating (through a solar heating system) for that day? This is because at the moment I have put the hot water on at two intervals, just before morning and just before evening, ensuring the boiler has enough hot water. But perhaps I can leave it on always on? So that your algorithm switches on the gas boiler if it anticipates the solar heating would not be able to cope with the expected hot tap water need for that day? Hope this is clearer.

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