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My heating wont stop coming on

I noticed in a morning that my heating has started coming on despite it saying it is off on the app. I have deleted all the smart schedules and also turned off the early start yet still it is coming on. The only thing that is set is the Hot Water to come on twice a day for an hour.

The app shows it is off 'until you cancel' but with frost protection (its the middle of the summer in the UK here).

I may be wrong but the heating coming on (well an increase in house temperature shown on the graph) appears to coincide with the hot water coming on.

Anyone got any suggestions please.


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @ChrisA Hello. You said:

    the heating coming on (well an increase in house temperature shown on the graph) 

    Could you please explain that more fully i.e. is the only indication of the heat coming on from the graph or have you seen the rads heating up? If connected in any way to the water heating, have you also noticed the rads heating during the second water heating of the day?

    Would be helpful if you say what tado kit you have please.

  • As well as the graph showing an increase in temperature which coincides with the hot water coming on the radiators are also warm as well. This is most prominent on the first water heating session (5am) but it has also occurred (but not all the time) on the 2nd water heating session (3pm).

    I have the following Tado equipment installed:

    Smart Thermostat (firmware 54.19) - status connected, battery - good

    Extension Kit (Firmware 64.6) - status connected

    Bridge (firmware 47.2) - status connected

  • Open a ticket with technical support. They can talk you through a diagnostic process.

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