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Connect Tado to underfloor heating pump using wireless Shelly relay?

To have Tado control my underfloor heating, I need to create a wired connection from the Tado Smart Thermostat to my underfloor heating pump. An Extensionkit will control the boiler.

To reach the underfloor heating pump from the living room with a wire is difficult.

For other smart home applications I use the Shelly Wifi relay's. They can be used as a paired wireless relay using either an impulse or toggle switch like in this diagram:

In this diagram, could I replace the switch with the Tado Smart Thermostat and connect the underfloor heating pump to the wall socket? That way the Tado Smart Thermostat could turn the waterpump on if the living room (where it is mounted) needs to be heated (and off vice versa). The Extensionkit can turn on/off the boiler.

And if yes, would this be the correct wiring?

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