Connect Tado to underfloor heating pump using wireless Shelly relay?

To have Tado control my underfloor heating, I need to create a wired connection from the Tado Smart Thermostat to my underfloor heating pump. An Extensionkit will control the boiler.

To reach the underfloor heating pump from the living room with a wire is difficult.

For other smart home applications I use the Shelly Wifi relay's. They can be used as a paired wireless relay using either an impulse or toggle switch like in this diagram:

In this diagram, could I replace the switch with the Tado Smart Thermostat and connect the underfloor heating pump to the wall socket? That way the Tado Smart Thermostat could turn the waterpump on if the living room (where it is mounted) needs to be heated (and off vice versa). The Extensionkit can turn on/off the boiler.

And if yes, would this be the correct wiring?


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    Hello Lvdo,

    Thank you for your question,

    Theoretically this seems viable. However having a third party wireless solution for an already wireless solution would not be something we can recommend.

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  • @Lvdo have you solved this ? I'm looking to do the same thing

  • @bogdanc yes, this setup has been working perfectly for 10 months now!

    I have two Shelly relays: one relay reacts to the thermostat switching (the Tado is connected by wire to the Shelly). It uses the url actions to switch the second Shelly (via Wifi):

    Output Switched On Url:

    • http://[ip-of-second-shelly]/settings/relay/0?schedule=false
    • http://[ip-of-second-shelly]/settings/relay/0?turn=on

    Output Switched Off Url:

    • http://[ip-of-second-shelly]/settings/relay/0?turn=off
    • http://[ip-of-second-shelly]/settings/relay/0?schedule=true

    The second shelly is hard wired to the waterpump for the floor heating. It is switched using the url actions above.

    It also runs a schedule to run the pump at least twice a week to make sure it doesn't get stuck. This is the reason the url actions turn the schedule off when switching the pump on: otherwise the schedule might inadvertently turn the pump off while the Tado tries to heat the room (or vice versa).

    Switching the waterpump allows Tado to focus heating to specific rooms without the need to always heat the rooms with underfloor heating. This adds comfort and saves gas. In addition my waterpump uses 39W electricity while running, switching it has saved over 200KWh in the last 10 months in my case.