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Vaillant eBUS DHW & Cylinder Charge Temperature

Hi guys,

I notice that the Tado when setting hot water sets both the outlet target temperature and the cylinder target temperature to the same figure. Is this correct behaviour?

The Vaillant manual states the the actistor in my 938 cannot be set under 50oC for DH water, however the Tado appears to by pass this and can run the boiler tank to as low as 35oC. The Vaillant manual says this is to stop legionnaires. Is this something Tado are aware off?

Is it possible via Tado to set the outlet target temperature and the cylinder temperature at different temperatures (which I assume is what the Vaillant controller does)?

Sorry for the long post. What is also odd, is that the DHW temperature setting on the front of the boiler remains at whatever you set it to via panel. This appears to act as a maximum limit for the water, so if I set that at 55oC and then tell Tado to go to 65oC the command is not accepted fully and instead only increased to 55oC.

Any help or view much appreciated.

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