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tado turning heating off without being told to by user

setup: tado smart thermostat, tado Bridge, wired direct to boiler

I've had tado for a few years now and nothing has changed with the setup. Until recently tado has worked perfectly, turning on/off heating correctly. However over the last few days the heating hasn't been coming on. On checking the tado app tado says the heating is turned off. I then use the app to turn the heating on and the heating then comes on. I can turn the heating off and tado does turn the heating off.

Leaving the heating turned on (until next automatic change) the heating remains on until the change (which is a on command) and stays on. At the end of that phase the heating turns off as it should but then doesnt turn back on when the next auto change should take place. On checking the app again I see tado has turned the heating off and has kept it off.

The set up has worked from day on and has continuously worked until now. Nothing has changed and no extra hardware has been added. This has literally started happening all by itself.

Batteries in thermostat are good and tado Bridge is functioning as it should.

Please help


  • _Marie_Marie | Moderator

    Hello @Pearcelee,

    Could you please contact our technical support via chat on our website? Indeed, they need your account to access the data and analyze what happened.

    Best regards,


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