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Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter settings

Depending on the time of year, I change the temp I want to heat rooms to. So around early April I adjusted things and will do so again in October. It would be useful to have a quicker way to jump between these two settings.
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  • AndrewM

    Suggest this is linked to which has some more ideas in the same model. My addon would be to be to allow multiple profiles which can then be triggered by month/date or other triggers (including IFTTT).

  • AndrewM

    My comments from that topic were:

    Really would like this --- and potentially also have this all integrated with an optional external thermometer feed (see This is the one major shortcoming with Tado at present.

    I would go a little further to suggest the ability to have MULTIPLE profiles (ideally up to 10), which can then be attached to dates, to events from IFTTT and other home automation systems, and/or to external temperature sensing. This could also be tied into another request I've seen about individual geofencing.

    I would also want to see the "open window sensing" process configured in each of these - during the summer, then often the temperature indoors will drop simply because the doors are open - you therefore would want to have a different "open window sensing" behaviour during these times. Especially good if the option of an external thermostat was there, so you could have logic such as "outside temp more than inside target temp never switches heating on, even if open window has been sensed".

  • At work I run a couple of bespoke commercial building management systems. Tado actually mimics a lot of the functions from the systems I'm used to using but this is an area that Tado is lacking.

    I suggest summer/winter changeover thresholds. One to cut off the heating in spring if the external temperature exceeds X, and another to begin heating in autumn if the external temperature falls below Y. These need to be set at different levels in my view to account for acclimatised comfort perception (spring cutoff at 18, and autumn start at 13 are what I find works). On the days that are borderline, the system will run (or not) to feather the heating through the changing season depending on external temperature.

    This could either reference the predicted weather or run off an external thermostat.

    Just my thoughts...

  • Having had the system for a few years, this is something I would welcome.
    The only time I ever change the settings in my daily heating schedules is when switching between seasons.
    If I could save seasonal schedules that would save a lot of moving back and forth between what are basically presets each season.
  • I like this idea, especially when programming the smart A/C controllers in order to be used in both summer and winter.

  • I had reason to check our heating systems at work yesterday and noticed a mistake in my previous. Spring cut off should be 13 and winter start should be 18. The theory and intention remains the same though :-)
  • Ojt
    I would say this should be the most important update to Tado. I use the same settings every winter. But as soon as we get to late march our temperature changes where overnight is still cold but between 10am and 9pm it is quite warm. And I don't want to have to change all of my settings simply to cater for a couple of months before it's completely switched off until the following winter, only to have to recreate all of my settings again for the following winter. The ability to say activate "winter mode" and then activate "spring mode" in march. Even better, not to limit it to seasons but simply 3 or 4 user-configurable modes.
  • Unkledunkle

    Tado needs save-able seasonal settings so bad.

    Ideally all four - spring summer autumn winter. Ideally this would be done with a simple 'save current schedule as a preset' option. We've got copy and paste schedule, it should not be desperately difficult to add a save & name option, and we should be able to have at least 4 saved schedules per room/zone.

    After careful monitoring of my system since installing it late summer, it seems obvious to me that there are a few transition weeks between "no heating at all" to "some heating if things dip below a certain level" through to "brr, heating on more than it's not".

    But once through those weeks, the heating pattern changes for the better part of the whole season. Having to go through room by room tweaking during the transition weeks essentially wrecks the stable configuration I had found for the previous season. This requires me to write down the optimal settings for each room once I have identified them for a given season, then when we hit that season this year, labouriously reprogram each room.

    Ideally, I would be able to save a bunch of presets for each room or zone. As February turns to March I can 'step down' the various rooms as the temperature rises into spring without messing with the winter preset, then flip the switch to "spring" in April. Then as it starts to leave summer in September I can 'step up' the coldest rooms a bit until say, early November, when I could just activate the winter preset I put in place the year before, and then sit on those settings until Feb/march again.

    This would be a huge time saver as each season turns.

  • Iannmark
    I would love this. It’s taken me ages to get the winter settings just right. I don’t want to change them and start again every year. The temperatures anyone sets in the summer vs winter are wildly different. I can’t even explain why, it’s just the winter settings feel massively uncomfortably warm in the winter. And vice versa. So for me, winter and summer profiles would suffice. Maybe a third in between, the main seasons for spring and autumn combined
  • Kestral1
    Having had a heatmiser system in the past i am used to having the ability to change profiles for different seasons, so i really miss it with tado. This and having no timer/date picker on the away mode are my main issues with tado
  • IlmarE
    In the building I live in (Italy) the heating in the winter is on for specific hours and is shut off completely in the off seasons.

    It would be nice to be able to set the winter schedule for all radiators globally rather than having to program each one separately.

    For the off seasons when heat is shut off at the boiler, they recommend the valves be opened. It would be great to have this as a global setting as well instead of opening valves by increasing the heat settings or by removing the Tado valve controls.
  • wateroakley
    wateroakley ✭✭✭

    @IlmarE Thinking about your question …

    For a winter schedule … one suggestion. A) can you group all the radiators in one Tado room ? Would that work for you?
    for a summer schedule … two suggestions. A) use ‘boost heating’. In theory that should set everything ‘ON’ an open the valves. B) disconnect the TRVs. That should leave all the valves ‘open’.
    For both … A) is there a way of using HomeKit or Alexa to do what you want!

  • Emcee
    Emcee Admin

    Hello @IlmarE

    You might also find this conversation in the French community interesting.

    Basically—although not an officially sanctioned tado° method and only applicable to Smart Radiator Thermostats—you could turn your heating to 25° (or 30° if you have Line X) so that the valves stay open. Since the boiler is closed, no heat will travel to your radiators.