Which items do I need


I have a new 3 stories house with 6 rooms with one radiator and one with 2 (living room)

there is a manual thermostat in the living room.

do I need the smart thermostat starter kit or I just need the radiator kit?

plus of course many other radiators extensions

do I need an extension for the 3rd floor?




  • Julia
    Julia | Moderator

    Hi Luca,

    You will need either a Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit if you only want to control your radiators, or a Smart Thermostat Starter Kit if you want to replace your room thermostat to control your boiler.

    That depends on what you want: do you control your boiler with your room thermostat, and would you like to make it smart? Then you'll have to replace the room thermostat with a Smart Thermostat.

    If you only wish to control the heating in your individual rooms, then you won't need a Smart Thermostat, only a Smart Radiator Thermostat for each radiator that you would like to control.

    Of course, you can also combine these two options and control your boiler as well as individual rooms.

    If you would like tado° to check what your options are, you can contact us here. In order for us to find out if your heating can be controlled by tado°, we need to know your boiler's and your room thermostat's make and model (pictures will do as well if you are not sure).

    Enhancing the communication of the system with an extension is not possible, but reaching 3 storeys is usually not a problem.