Entire house heats up when Tado Radiator Therm comes on

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I recently set up Tado in the hope that I’d save money and would have greater control over how and when areas of the house are heated. I’m not convinced it’s worth it, or I’m missing something obvious.

Set up:
1 x Tado Room Thermostat
3 x Tado Radiator Thermostats
All of radiators (except 1) have TRVs

When the Room Thermostat is on, the house heats as expected. Meaning that the 3 bedrooms with the smart radiators don’t heat, as I want them on at different times. This I’m happy with.

However, I want the bedrooms to heat up later in the evening once the main thermostat has been scheduled to be off. Annoyingly I’m finding that, although the house is still above the temp set on the room thermostat, all dumb trv radiators are kicking back in and heating up.

Am I missing something? These seems to go against the selling point of energy efficiency. Would be interesting to know how others have had success with similar set ups?


  • samd
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    @foxy Hello. There is no connection, wireless or physical, between your Room (Boiler Control) Thermostat and your standard TRVs so whatever setting you have on those TRVs will be 'satisfied' by the boiler. You mention 'main thermostat' and 'room thermostat' - do you have both please?

  • Hi Samd thanks for commenting.

    Room and main are the same Tado thermostat, I didn’t realise I’d used different terms.

    The bit I find odd is that the dumb TRVs are getting very hot, hotter than I’d expect from the setting on them (1-2). I can’t justify kitting every radiator out with Tado kit, and thinking that Tado isn’t going to achieve what I was hoping for.
  • samd
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    @foxy That's strange - did they not get as hot before tado installation?

  • @samd I’m not 100% sure, but I didn’t notice it. I’ve possibly only noticed now as I was hoping for all other radiators to be off except one of the Tado ones when the schedule wants it to be on. For example the lounge dumb trv is set to 2, and when the heating goes off I suspect the room is 20+ degrees so I wouldn’t expect it to heat up again, but it does.
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    OK but since we are talking about ordinary TRVs, I can't see how the addition of any tado devices could impact. Maybe worth keeping an eye on it and, of course turning those down a notch for the same level of heating is another penny or two for the beer kitty!!

  • When your Tado TRV calls for heat it will switch the boiler on which means all your non-smart rads will get hot as well. If you want them to stay off you need to fit Tado TRV on those rads as well.
  • Yeah that’s not what I’m wanting to do. That’s a big expense to put on every radiator. The bit I don’t get it why the none Tado radiators are heating up even if the room if warmer that the TRV is set to.

    It seems the Tado TRVs don’t offer the true flexibility to only heat the desired room as I was lead to believe.
  • @foxy did you get a resolution to this exact same thing just happened to me?

  • I have a suggestion if cost is an issue. Why not get some cheaper programmable TRV's to fill in the gap? They don't even have to be wireless and be picked up for less that £15 each.

    Use your much cleverer Tado TRV's to decide when to call for heat and the less smart programmable ones to re-enforce the desired schedule? I do this and has worked a treat.