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Replace Honeywell TH8200G1004 with Tado

Hello all

I have just bought the Tado kit and I am wondering how I can do the wiring to replace the existing thermostat.

My heating is from a public heating system provided by the city, there is no boiler in the house.

Attached is the current wiring, it is quite simple but I am not sure how to proceed from here, would not like to mess things up.

Btw I am living in the NL, if someone have done the same maybe the experience could be shared.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hello Joey

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I could not find the same model of Honeywell in the instructions but I have used a similar model.

    It worked and now the thermostat is hooked up.

    Thanks for the help

    Best regards


  • Hi Zolt, can i learn how you succeed to make it work?
  • Hello Gonenc

    Sorry for the very late reply

    I did basically what was suggested. Once I have registered the device I have had a detailed tutorial for installation. During this time I had the opportunity to choose from which device I would like to switch, then I have selected Honeywell the closest model to mine and then I have started rewiring.

    One suggestion though, when you do the rewiring please disconnect the electricity (just use the fusebox) and then you are safe to work.

    Hope I am not too late, if I am then I am terribly sorry.

    Hope you will have luck with this.

    Best regards


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