What tado items do I need for my system?

My existing boiler arrangement has 2 zone valves controlled by 2 wired thermostats. One zone does the ground floor, whilst the second zone controls the top 2 floors. My current controller also controls the hot water.

The reason I want to move to smart thermostats is because the thermostat for the top two floors is mounted in the master bedroom and the top floor remains cold whilst the master bedroom is up to temperature and turns off that zone. Can someone give me a hint as to what I need to purchase to take control of the heating and hotwater so I can keep the heating on in the top floor even if the master is up to temperature. I am guessing, 2 stats to replace the existing ones and maybe some smart radiator valves for the radiators up stairs. But I am not sure about the base unit for the boiler demand and zone valves.


  • You need to specify the type of boiler you have by make and model and also if you have a separate programmer or programmable room thermostats.

    As a heating engineer, I would probably look to the following solution as being most likely..

    1) Assuming you have i twin channel programmer to time the heating and hot water you will need an extension kit which is wired in place of this.

    2) You will need a smart thermostat starter kit wired in place of the downstairs stat to take care of the downstairs heating and zone valve. The kit also includes the internet bridge.

    3) You will need to add smart radiator valves to all the upstairs radiators and either leave the existing upstairs thermostat on maximum, or alternatively link terminals 1 and 3 behind this thermostat to enable the upstairs zone valve to open. If you have any doubt as to your wiring proficiency, just leave thermostat on maximum. Other alternatives include removing the upstairs zone valve or locking it open.

    Best solution however is to speak to tado as they will best be able to advise you.


  • Thanks for your reply

    i have an ideal icon HE24 conventional boiler(which will be changed soon), providing water to a unvented tank which provides both Hot water and central heating. I have a 2 channel programmer.

    My my only concern really was how to deal with the 2 wired thermostats that control the 2 zone valves.