Setting Manual temperature but not turning off after 1 hour


Has anyone had any instances of a manually set temperatures not reverting after an hour? I know there is an infinity option but I’ve just come home and my heating was set to the temp I manually set at 1241 (it’s now 2249). The app wasn’t showing infinity, it was showing that it was set until 2249 (time I opened the app) but it didn’t turn off.

The countdown was at 0 and the small circle was at the far left of the slider. So it’s counted down from 1 hour and not turned off. Tado has been requesting heat more or less constantly since 1241.

I don’t think this is the first time either. A few weeks back I noticed my heating was on at an odd hour but I didn’t check the app that day. It must have went off when the system went into frost protection mode as I remember checking later in the evening.


  • Julia

    Hi Flyer33,

    Thank you for reaching out!

    You might already have found this article about tado°'s manual control settings.

    If this does answer your question, there might be various causes to that issue. It is e.g. possible that the radio connection between your Smart Radiator Thermostat and your Internet Bridge was disrupted, or there might accidentally have been chosen some settings that overruled the manual control settings.

    To investigate what might have gone wrong in your specific case, please contact our customer support, who will gladly look into it. To help them resolve the issue, please provide specific times and dates and state what you think has gone wrong.

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