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Bridge lost internet connection a 4 am and required manual power reboot


I’m new to tado (installed it this week).
Since Monday the bridge worked fine (i don’t think it likes DPL networks, but that’s another post). I think the bridge was always online, but didn’t pay attention to the temperature stats etc. until tado support got back to me (yesterday) for completing the boiler install to the Smart Thermostat.

Anyway, since completing the installation yesterday, I set up schedules, etc., then went to bed.

When I woke up this morning, the radiators had remained on their last scheduled temperature of their current setting when the bridge stopped connecting to the tado servers (so it was cold).

Initially, of course, I didn’t realize why it was cold, then after seeing the tado app (iOS and web page), I realized everything was offline. At this point I checked the bridge, where I noticed that the internet LED was blinking. However, all my other internet connected devices (smart lights, google home, iPhone, computer) were all connected.

I hard rebooted the bridge (i.e. disconnected then reconnected the power). I did NOT hard reboot my internet router (as I had internet connectivity when I woke up). At this point the bridge came back online (internet status LED was solid), and it took a bit of time for each of the smart radiator thermostats to come back online. On some I turned their dial, while others I didn’t. I assume they just take a bit of time to come back online after manually hard rebooting the bridge.

Checking the temperature logs, I deduce that the bridge stopped communicating at around 04h00.

After all the description above, my questions to tado (and other experienced ‘users’) are:

- why did the bridge stop connecting at around 04h00 (see also second question) ?

- is there a way to check logs on the bridge to understand why it stopped connecting (because maybe tado servers were down or my internet connection temporarily died) ?

- if the tado bridge does create logs, can we access those logs, and custom configure the bridge to connect you our own log server (some people have Synology NAS devices for example which has logging software for other devices) ?

- why did the bridge not come back up after the unknown event at approximately 04h00 (all my other internet devices were online in the morning) ?

- from my experience described above, I conclude that the smart radiator thermostats do NOT store any scheduling information locally in order to change the temperature at a scheduled time for the cases the bridge goes down — they, instead (maybe for design reasons for manual override functionality (I think not the reason)) they NEED an online connection via the bridge to change a scheduled temperature ?

- if thermostats do NEED to be online to change a scheduled temperature, then

a. Is there a plan to improve their functionality via a SW/FW update so they can locally store schedules and not depend on online bridge connectivity ?

- if the answer to sub question b a one is no, then could it be possible to have a multiple bridge configuration (two, three, etc.) for redundancy purposes (e.g. bridges go down, and one fails to come back up, but the second one takes over the online control role to keep the thermostats respecting their schedules) ?

P.S. if the bridges could be made to always come back up (except if they are really dead), then a redundancy feature would only be needed for bridge hardware death events.

With Well Wishes,



  • I have always had problems with the bridge randomly disconnecting. I have followed all the advice from Support - fixed ip address etc with no joy. The only way to encourage the bridge to reconnect is to power off/power on which is fine when at home, but obviously not when out.
    My solution: IFTTT set up to notify when the bridge goes offline, and the bridge is powered via a tp-link smart plug so I can re-boot it remotely. Problem solved.
  • Hi John,

    I haven’t had problems since, but who knows !

    My tado bridge is already connect to a smart plug. I’ll configure IFTTT to manually power off/on the smart plug when tado goes offline.

    What IF statement did you uses in IFTTT to detect when tado is offline ?
  • johnburjohnbur
    edited November 2019

    Hi Rob,

    I have Google Wifi, so used that to detect when the bridge goes offline - sends me a notification via IFTTT, then I power off/power on the smart plug from its app manually (TP-Link in my case).

    I guess I could automate that part, but haven't got around to it....;-)

  • Hi John,

    Thanks for the info.
    I haven’t got google WiFi 😝

    It’s a shame the tado IFFFT triggers don’t include offline status.

    I’ve been looking at open source home automation solutions that work with pc, Mac, Linux, and raspberry pi. Along with the tado API, I should be able to automate detecting if the tado bridge is offline via the open source / tado api method, then reboot the tado bridge via my smart plug (all glued together by IFFFT).

    Or maybe I can patiently wait for tado to update their IFTTT triggers 😝
  • My bridge used to randomly disconnect when connected to a NetGear WiFi Booster from a Sky Router; Switching the Base unit off and on used to correct that. Then it started to disconnect at 3 am and reconnect at 6am; I thought connecting to my Sky Q Mini box would help resolve it but no!

    Now it has disconnected between 3am and 6am for 5 consecutive nights! Any ideas gratefully received.

  • Rob, anyone,

    I've started to experience this, every day or so, the Tado hub loses cloud connection. Only way to get back online is to power off and on the hub. No internet connectivity issues at the same time. I'm currently running a wireshark to see if that tells me something (hoping i'll catch the trigger that causes it to go off line - assuming it's something external).

    Network is Unifi USG router and USG Managed Switch with a VDSL modem connecting to a UK BT internet connection.

    Did anyone have any updates - or have you all resorted to just powering it off and on again whenever you see it go offline?



  • _Marie_Marie | Moderator
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    Hello @GarethOwen and everyone who has an issue with the Internet bridge,

    I would suggest you to contact our technical support via the chat on our website. The problem may be due to another smart device causing interference, or to the configuration of the BT connection. They can check with you and propose an appropriate troubleshooting according to your router and the devices you have in your house. 

    Best regards,


  • VertigoVertigo ✭✭✭
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    A few days ago I lost connection to the tado cloud. I am using home assistant and when I noticed all my sensors where blank. I suspected an issue with HA or the TADO API integration, but when I logged in to tado, it also showed everything as disconnected. My bridge showed all leds on. Before I could trouble shoot further, it reconnected "magically". Looking at my HA logs, this has happened again today:

    the gap in the red and blue lines show a lack of data which lasted for ~ 30 minutes. The tado app shows a shorter gap but at the same time:

    My internet hasnt been down.

    I have to conclude there has been some intermittent issue with tado cloud (and perhaps it took longer for the API to be restarted), even though the server status doesnt show anything:

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