2 Valves combi-boiler connections to Tado receiver


I have a glow-worm Combi boiler and just extended the back of house and with underfloor heating.
The plumber has now installed 2 valves and he doesn’t know how to connect them to the Tado receiver.
I’d like to control the underfloor heating as separate room and keep controlling the other rooms as usual.

Until now I had one wireless thermostat for the living room and Tado radiator valves for all the other rooms.

When I asked Tado customer service they told me to get a wired thermostat but the plumber keeps saying that’s not the solution as he first needs to connect the 2 valves to the receiver, which has only 1 entrance and not 2. He doesn’t know how to solve this problem.

Can someone please help to understand in practice what to do and how to explain it to the plumber as he doesn’t speak proper English and I need to guide him on how to solve this.

Perhaps a connection diagram would help so I can show it to him.

I would really appreciate some help as quick as possible as they’re about to finish all the works and only this part is now missing 😀

PS: I didn’t hire the plumber but he comes included in the package (unfortunately) and I’d prefer not to spend more money hiring another one