Connect 2 Valves Combi-boiler to Tado receiver


I have a glow-worm Combi boiler and just extended the back of house and with underfloor heating.
The plumber has now installed 2 valves and he doesn’t know how to connect them to the Tado receiver.

Until now I had one wireless thermostat for the living room and Tado radiator valves for all the other rooms.

When I asked Tado customer service they told me to get a wired thermostat but the plumber keeps saying that’s not the solution as he first needs to connect the 2 valves to the receiver, which has only 1 entrance and not 2. He doesn’t know how to solve this problem.

Can someone please help to understand in practice what to do and how to explain it to the plumber as he doesn’t speak proper English and I need to guide him on how to solve this.

Perhaps a connection diagram would help so I can show it to him.

I would really appreciate some help as quick as possible as they’re about to finish all the works and only this part is now missing 😀

PS: I didn’t hire the plumber but he comes included in the package (unfortunately) and I’d prefer not to spend more money hiring another one


  • policywonk
    Your plumber misunderstands the problem. Here's the logic.
    1. The boiler is kicked off by a request for heat.
    2. That request can come from multiple sources. Tado controllers will respond to a whole bunch of tado trvs plus two others (i) a call for hot water, and (ii) call for heat from one other source. It in turn then tells the boiler to switch on, and at the same time trigger a pump to push it around. Got that so far?
    3 Now the decision to request the tado controller to respond to the ufh involves fitting a wiring centre on the UFH manifold, and using Tado wired thermostats to trigger the manifold valves. The wiring looks like this:
    4. In short, the wiring centre for the ufh has to create a call for heat. It handles some of the duties of that call. i) it has its own pump driving the ufh loops, ii) it normally drives a two way valve to receive CH heated water when tuned on, iii) it can send a request for the boiler to fire directly. Now when you replace it's trigger thermostats with a tado wired one, it does not need to talk to the boiler directly because the tado thermostat will, like the TRVs, send that request.
  • Cdb
    Thank you very much, it’s clear now.

    Do you know a specific brand or can you suggest a wiring centre I can buy for this?
    I had a look online and found so many different and I have no idea (the plumber would probably know less than me).
    Thank you
  • Cdb
    Thank you again for the answer, just to clarify, this is what he has to do:

    1. Connect UFH manifold to wiring centre and Connect the Tado Wired thermostat to wiring centre

    My question now is (I don’t know anything about this), the Tado receiver that controls the wireless thermostat needs to be connected to the wiring centre too? Or directly to the boiler?

    Thank you 🙏