External thermometer for tado.

Do taxi make an external thermometer that links in wth the tado app? If they do, I can't find one. It would be very useful if I could remotely monitor the outside temperature as well as the inside temp.
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  • Citori
    Tado not Taxi. Autocorrect 😡
  • wateroakley
    wateroakley Volunteer Moderator

    @Citori Welcome. You could try using a Tado Wireless temperature sensor or the basic TRV. Create a room called e.g. 'Outside', include the sensor (or TRV) and set the room to 'Independent'. That should report the 'Outside' temperature in the app, but won't 'call for heat'. Obviously, the wireless temperature sensor (or TRV) is intended for indoor use with a minimum and maximum temperature range, so you'll need to be creative with the location and protecting the device from the elements.

  • Emcee
    Emcee Admin

    Hello @Citori

    tado° does not offer external thermometers for the moment being. But, as @wateroakley described, there are workarounds.

  • B3CK377
    Tado definitely need to look into just a stand alone temperature sensor that doesn't have any displays or controls that can be pressed to call for heat. As the TRV is next to the radiator, there is some inaccuracies. A wireless simple sensor located at another point in the room would be a better idea