Dual Zone + Hot water TPOne Replacement


Hi, sorry to join and ask questions straight away, but there's a sale ending soon and i'd like to order the right stuff, so here goes..

We have just moved into a new build - which appears to have two heating zones, and hot water tank.

It looks like it's an S-Plan configuration. 2 Heating Zones + 1 HW zone.

There is one wired room thermostat/programmer for the majority of the house and the hot water (Danfoss TPOne).

There's another TPOne thermostat/programmer upstairs for a second zone (which is just the bedroom and en-suite radiators.)

The boiler is a heating only - IDeal Logic Heat2 H18.

Am i right in thinking I can use the wireless starter kit with extension/hot water control to replace the main thermostat/programmer? (so will end up with two boxes on the wall to replace the one TPOne unit)

And would i need an add add-on wired or wireless thermostat to replace the 2nd zone thermostat/programmer? - I'm assuming wired as i doubt the 2nd zone is wired into the back of the main zone programmer, so wouldn't be able to operate the 2nd zone valve otherwise?

I hope this makes sense…

Thank you in advance!




  • Emcee
    Emcee Admin

    Hi Duncan,

    As this is a time sensitive issue and it can take a while for the community to answer questions of this sort, my recommendation would be to—in addition to discussing with community members—do a compatibility check through our live chat.

    You'll first be answering questions from a bot before being forwarded to an agent who can answer all your questions and make sure that your new build's set-up is compatible with tado° V3 (I assume this is the line you'd like to purchase?).

    Please also keep in mind that tado° X will be fully available in the UK this fall. Have a look and see if this line might also be something you'd be interested in.

  • wateroakley
    wateroakley Volunteer Moderator

    @dje_eatch Welcome. From your description, S-Plan with two heating zones and HW. Yes, you're spot on. The wireless starter kit will run your first CH zone and HW. The other CH zone will require the wired thermostat.