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How to wire old Drayton timer and stat


hi guys

trying to wire in my tadpoles but need some help with wiring. We have a Drayton timer with a room stat. Any help appreciated. Dial on the left and timer on the right.


  • wateroakley
    wateroakley ✭✭✭

    Have you reached out to Tado when you started your install? They provide wiring instructions.

    For the user community to help, you'll need to provide details of your old programmer model, thermostat, and system (Y-Plan, S-Plan, boiler, etc)? And whether you'res connecting a Tado wired or wireless starter kit.

  • rssbandittrick
    edited May 20

    ok so I removed the wiring completely and took it back to the boiler. So ignore previous thermostats. It’s a wireless tado kit. Combi boiler ideal 30. If I press the heat button on the unit then the boiler fires up and if I try turning up the thermostat or using the app then nothing happens. App and thermostat are showing correct temperature but the call for heat isn’t reaching this unit. It shows as registered on the app

  • SteveIreland

    Use the app when installing, it holds the key to all you need to know. If the app cannot recognise the installation it automatically refers itself to the installation team at Tado to resolve.

    Posting photos of half an installation here will not help.