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Combining multiple wired thermostats into one room?

For some bizarre reason my house has the underfloor heating broken into six zones over a small area. Each is controlled by a wired thermostat, which opens the individual value and fires the boiler. I currently have each set up as a separate room in Tado, and one room uses a wireless temperature sensor as the placement of the thermostat is poor. I would like to combine several of the rooms into one, but this does not seem to be possible with the wired thermostats. Alternatively, use a second wireless temperature sensor to control multiple thermostats. I can’t seem to find a way to do either thing in the app, as the thermostats cannot be moved into a different room. Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • Boffinboy
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    If anyone else is curious and looks at this - I contacted Tado support and they grouped them for me


  • policywonk
    policywonk ✭✭
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    The answer lies in the way your manifold valves are wired. Each thermostat throws a relay which, in turn, opens the valve for that loop.
    The manifold has a wired valve controller, essentially a wiring centre. Now, even the cheapest manifold wiring centre allows at least two loops to be wired onto, and triggered by, one thermostat. In my house one of the manifolds has three short loops fired off by one tado thermostat acting as the trigger. It is important to make sure that the switched live feed from the tado is also copied onto the other valves. Don't wire more than three valves to one thermostat or you may blow its internal triac relay.
  • Boffinboy
    Thanks. So no solution on the Tado software side? I have a Heatmiser UH8-N so I guess I should be able to do it within the wiring there, will need to take a look at what is possible.