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Zone controllers + Wired Thermostat


I have a Tado wired thermostat on the wall in the hall with a Tado Extension Kit in the airing cupboard. I have TRVs on all my radiators. It appears from my app that the Extension Kit is my zone controller? I thought the Extension Kit was what enable Tado to control my hot water not my heating? Shouldn't the Wired Thermostat in the hall be my Zone Controller? The app only shows choice of Ext. Kit or Independent as zone controller. Can I make Wired Thermostat my zone controller?

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  • policywonk
    policywonk ✭✭
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    My understanding is that trvs and wall thermostats have the same rights. In normal set ups they call for heat and the pump and boiler fire when only one calls for heat, the others don't allow the ch supply to get in.

    While in theory it is possible to mate trvs with wired thermostats, I've not managed to do it via the app. However if you have a zone valve like a motorised valve in your system, determining whether there is a flow at all, the thermostat that triggers the zone valve is the one which effectively controls flow though the pipes in the first place.

    Have you considered that?


  • truespirit

    Thank you. I have a better understanding of my system in relation to wired wall thermostat.