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Tado fire up the heater regularly even the whole system is set to off


I installed my Tado system for two months, it works beautifully during the cool time, keeping the house with constant temperature and comfort for the whole day. When I check the meters, Tado system greatly reduce the gas usage.

I have 1 wireless receiver connected to the boiler, 1 wireless temperature sensor, 1 Internet bridge and 8 smart radiator thermostats connected at my house.

Since May, summer is coming to UK, and I turned off the whole heating by switching every radiator thermostat to “OFF” stage and in each area, i disable the zone controller. In the Tado app history page, none of them trigger the boilers. But the weird thing happens, when i check the gas usage there are regular gas consumption (every two hours, likely 0.16kWh each) throughout the whole day, no matter in the mid-night or day time regardless without anyone at home and the temperature is above 23 degree.

I check the gas usage before i installed the Tado system, the boiler was definitely not like this, I assume it’s not the boiler issue.

Please advice.


  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    How does your house generate hot water?

    Combi-boiler by any chance? Somebody turning on a hot tap which is firing the boiler for a short time?
  • mindstorm

    Also a possibility the boiler has pre-heat turned on if it's a combi. That will generate short run times.

  • ChrisHui

    it’s a combo boiler, haven’t changed any settings for the boiler after install the tado. And I turn off all pre-heat settings in tado.