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Two Tado systems one house

I submitted a post yesterday that seems to have disappeared.

I have tado in my house and need a separate one in the annex. Both areas are connected to a system boiler on separate valves. Can I install two systems using one Tado account and the same app? I need both of them to work on one account so that I can control them using Alexa iif possible



  • wateroakley
    wateroakley ✭✭✭

    @DJDJDJDJ I wrote a reply to your first post and it created 99 'drafts' when your post disappeared. Strange?

    First, one Tado account runs one House or one Annex.

    It should be feasible to wire a second wireless receiver, or wired room stat, to control the Annex zone valve. Bear in mind the distances. All the Tado Annex devices need to be close enough for the low power 886Mz wireless to be reliable between them. Or to safely connect mains power for wired devices?

    Thoughts on potential options for using two accounts:

    1. Use the App for the Main House and log in to a web browser for the Annex. We use the web browser on this PC for Tado and the Login offers two accounts to select. We can Login to either our Home or the Rellies.
    2. Set up both accounts and save the passwords on your phone/tablet. We do this and can switch between our Home and the Rellies by Logout and Login. A bit clunky but easily do-able. Not quite sure how geo-fencing would behave? I suspect it should work for both acounts?
    3. Buy a cheap tablet as the dedicated control to run the Tado App (or browser) for the Annex. We did this for the myriad of smart-home Apps and it always resides in the kitchen.
    4. Although our rellie has Alexa running their Tado home, we've not tried Alexa on the two accounts. Can Alexa be told which account to use? Or Logout/Login?

    Let us know how you get on.


    Thank you for the suggestions.

    It is strange that my first post just disappeared. Thanks for the 99 drafts 😁

    I do have a concern that annexe devices may have trouble reaching the main house over wireless. They have to go through multiple walls and double glazed doors.

    I've been giving thoughts to the 2 account solution. We hardly ever use any dashboards or tablets for IOT devices. Majority of the functionality is via Amazon Alexa. Alexa can handle only one account per skill so that would be a drawback.

    Tablet can be a good solution but having to swap accounts while you are away can be a faff. I would much prefer to speak to the car on my way home and tell it to turn the heating on.

    The more I think about this, the more Tado is looking like a non-solution. I have seen some posts over two years old requesting for multi zone feature in the Tado app. I'm surprised this hasn't been done yet.

    For me it seems going for a simple smart thermostat for the annexe might be a solution. The whole area has a bedroom, a small living room and a bathroom with the first two being in an open plan. I probably won't need individual rad controls.

    How does Tado wired thermostat work? Do you know if it is similar to wemos or hive thermostat? I have full mains wiring available in the annexe and current not so smart thermostat is using it.

  • wateroakley
    wateroakley ✭✭✭

    The Tado wired stat switches mains voltage like a regular room stat with a 3amp load limit. Unclear to me what, if any, zone control wires or wireless it would control. It can also be a zone controller for other Tado TRVs to talk to.
    Just wondering if you could use a wired Tado stat in the annex with dumb TRVs on the annex rads?