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Very poor reliability


I am getting fed up with replacing radiator thermostacs at £70 a time, could you please upgrade the design to something that can last more than a couple of years as I feel any savings I get from using Tado is more than spent on the replacements.

Good when working but very very expensive to run.

Kind regards



  • SteveIreland

    Remember; everything you buy is covered under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. You have the legal right to claim for a replacement for up to 6 years, although it gets progressively harder to do so as time progresses.

    Have a read through this:

    As the product originates from the EU, the guarantee period is a minimum of 2 years, you can request a repair or a replacement during this time.

  • hugbilly
    hugbilly ✭✭✭

    Don't forget this forum is made up of tadoº users so when you say "could you please upgrade" you're not addressing anyone from the company . . .

  • Emcee
    Emcee Admin

    Hello @RussellHuffer,

    Sorry to read you've been having issues with your Smart Radiator Thermostats.

    - Could you provide more information about the problems at play? Our community members might be able to help / learn from your experience.

    - Have you been in touch with tado° Customer Support? Many of our devices come with a 2-year warranty. Our support team can help you diagnose the issue and determine if you are eligible to receive new devices under said warranty.

  • wateroakley
    wateroakley ✭✭✭

    @RussellHuffer What are your failure rates? In 27 months with 24 TRV, three wireless room stats, and two dongles, we have one early TRV failure.
    The savings here are £900 a year on running costs. The £70 extra to replace a TRV is not cheap but is a marginal ROI effect.

  • davidlyall
    davidlyall ✭✭✭

    Yes, curious to know the failure rate being experienced. If it's high, I'd be looking at external factors e.g. stiff pins in the valve body might be overloading the motor

    I just have 7 active TRVs but they've been in place for 4 years with no issues.