Separate Installation for Granny Annexe


I currently have Tado installed in my home. All is working great.

At the back end of my garden I have a granny annexe. I have a system boiler with Megaflo that feeds hot water and heating for the main home and the annexe. Each location has a separate valve for radiators that allowed me to control main home and annex heating separately.

In the annex, I have 3 radiators with a basic wifi thermostat (wired directly to the valve). I have the same wifi/network available in the Annex as well.

I am hoping that I can get a starter kit which has a wireless temperature sensor, a wireless receiver, and an Internet Bridge and install all this for the annexe. Since it is the same network, will there be any issues? Am I missing anything or will this work automagically? I would rather not have to create separate accounts and separate apps for controlling the main home and annex. We used Amazon Alexa for controlling various things so having two accounts will not work.

Thank you.


  • policywonk

    Am not an installer. Need to clarify your plan/intentions.

    1. Are you are aiming to have one Tado wireless thermostat triggering a dedicated flow valve which in turn opens the supply of Central Heating into the Annex?
    2. If so, is it fair to assume that the valve is in the main house and you need to interface with it, with a wired controlling trigger?

    If this is the case, I suggest you talk to Tado - or wait for one of the really experienced geeks to explain this. IIRC there is a configuration (I haven't used it myself) where a wired thermostat and wireless thermostat can be arranged like this:

    • one wires the wired thermostat to the flow control valve
    • then separately mount the wireless thermostat in the Annex
    • then using the App, nominate the wireless thermostat as the master over the wired thermostat.

    This leads to a situation where a call for heat requests from the wireless one (placed in the Annex) then drives the wired one next to the valve. Have seen this in use at a friend's house. There is a thread somewhere here on the forum which describes how it is done but I havent been able to find it today. Please check with Tado.

  • policywonk
    Been thinking. Please ignore my previous suggestion to use a proxy wireless thermostat. I think the best route is to wire the thermostat that's in the Annex directly to the zone valve that heats the Annex. It may not be convenient but it will be reliable.
  • davidlyall
    davidlyall ✭✭✭

    If you want a single account, you could try some of you existing equipment in the annex to establish if it will get a connection but I think you'll struggle since the signal has to pass through two exterior walls at a minimum

    I believe that others have successfully run two bridges etc from one internet connection but you will need to have separate accounts for each bridge (and its attached devices). If you use Android devices, you could try using the Samsung Secure Folder app which allows you to have two instances of the Tado app installed and logged into separate accounts. Still not ideal but it's the only option at the moment.

    Not sure of Tado X will allow multiple homes to be managed from one account