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Adding Wireless Thermostat change my zone config - not right to me


I have a number of wired thermostats downstairs all working for about 6 months. Then added a wireless controller and thermostat upstairs. But all the downstairs ones had their zone changed to use the wireless controller as the zone controller and I dont remember saying this was OK, i did set up the pair of controller and thermostat as a pair. I didnt notice this to start with but it seems wrong to make this change without users being aware. I happen to read an article on integrating TRV with a wireless controller and so was made aware of this and so have reverted the downstairs kit to be independent but i do not agree this should happen by default with users knowledge, otherwise downstairs themostats would have been turning on upstairs heating, all very weird.

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  • Emcee
    Emcee Admin

    Hello @MikeWatts,

    Thanks for the suggestion and for contributing to the forum 🙂

    Could you point me to the article "on integrating TRV with a wireless controller" you found?

    It's possible that this happened because Wireless Receivers (I assume this is the device you are referring to when you say "wireless controller"?) can only function as Zone Controllers. Perhaps this led the system to assume you wanted all devices to he controlled by your Wireless Receiver.

    In any case, you are right, this should not occur automatically. Glad to read you were able to sort it out 😀

    I would be curious to know if other members of the community faced a similar issue?