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Tado with Veismann weather compensation


I would be grateful if someone can put me right on the following. I have a new boiler being installed on Wednesday. It is a Veissmann 100 with weather compensation module. I have been told that my existing Tado system will work OK with this but only if Tado is in "relay" or "on/off" mode. I believe that is what I have (it controls my existing 16 year old Veissmann bolier OK ) but my question is how do I know what Tado system I have? I believe the other version of Tado modulates the boiler but that is not what I want since the two systems will "fight" one another. Is this what "early start" does - and if so should I turn it off?

Another supplementary question I have is that the pre set weather compensation curve is 1.4 which gives a "daytime" temperature of 20 degrees and a night time (set back) temperature of only 3 degrees. I cant get my head around this since it was my understanding that weather compensation works best when it is set to one temperature and seeks to apply that constantly. Surely if it drops to 3 degrees overnight it will take ages at low flow temperatures to get up to normal room temperature in the daytime?

Thank you in anticipation of your response(s) and apologies if these seem like dumb questions.



  • policywonk
    Bryan. Had to do this about 7 years ago with my Veismann boiler. The major change is in the wiring. The good news is that Veismann techsupport do know how to get that change right and add a tado control. Strongly recommend you contact Veismann. They set it out for me and I got it all done myself in a couple of days.
  • BryanW

    Thank you for that. In the event both the plumber and electrician who fitted the new boiler persuaded me not to have the weather sensor fitted. They pointed to numerous problems and having to be called out to remove them and reconfigure the boiler back to its "standard" setting. As it has been warm since it was fitted two weeks ago the gas bills have been negligible. I still have the unit so I suppose could have it fitted if I change my mind come next winter.


    PS Since fitting yours seven years ago have you been warm enough? what "heating curve" are you on? and have you noticed any savings/