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Multiple Wireless Underfloor Thermostats


Having moved from a single heating zone house with Tado to a new house with multiple heating zones (1 radiators + 4 underfloor) controlled by a Lightwave system. I would dearly love to convert the new house to Tado which is far superior. The only problem is that apparently Tado do not currently support multiple wireless underfloor thermostats for the different zones. I'm told one zone can be wireless but additional zones must be wired to the underfloor manifold. This would mean lots of new wiring around the house inccuring huge cost and upheaval. Please can Tado overcome this limitation and I will gladly come back!

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  • Emcee
    Emcee Admin

    Hi @AndrewLarkin,

    Very sorry to read that you were not able to transition to a new home with tado°. Nevertheless, thank you very much for your suggestion.

    We regularly review suggestions that are popular in the community and discuss them in product-planning sessions, alongside data gathered via targeted studies.

    Although not all suggestions are implemented straight away or in full, we always welcome your input.

    We are listening and really appreciate your help to continually improve our products and services.