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Plasma Quad Mitsubishi

Hola, tengo un aire acondicionado Mitsubishi MSZ-AY42VGKP y este lleva incluido Plasma Quad que es como un purificador de aire. Este se pueda activar/desactivar desde el mando a distancia original pero al sincronizar Tado y gestionar el aire acondicionado con vuestro producto no me deja activar el Plasma Quad desde Tado y aunque lo active desde el mando ariginal cuando subo la temperatura o toco algún ajuste desde Tado se desactiva el Plasma Quad… sería posible sugerir que añadan la función de activar y desactiva esta opción desde Tado?
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  • FFM

    Post this in the Spanish forum. This is English!

    I wonder why people do this. Oh… all in English… ok, who cares, I will not even use Google translate, I just post!

  • ManuRues
    Hello, the problem is that Tado's email says to publish it here, I didn't know it was in Spanish. It's Tado's fault who posts a link to this place.
  • Emcee
    Emcee Admin

    Hola @ManuRues,

    No worries about the language. We do have a Spanish community forum, but it is no hassle to translate posts made in other languages here 🙂

    With regards to your suggestion, thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    We regularly review suggestions that are popular in the community and discuss them in product-planning sessions, alongside data gathered via targeted studies.

    Although not all suggestions are implemented straight away or in full, we always welcome your input.

    We are listening and really appreciate your help to continually improve our products and services.