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Temporary extend current schedule

Time to time I get into the situation when I know I will work a bit longer in my work room. Currently I can do two things to extend the heating,
1) wait until the switch and then set to the same temperature as before with a (optional) time limit
2) set the temperature +/-0.5C before the schedule switching off with (optional) time limit.

I think would be better if I could extend the schedule in advance.
So I know the schedule will switch of the heating at 6:00PM and I know I will have things to do till 7:00PM I can extend the schedule for that day only (without editing). This could be implemented by adding a button or some input element under the "Next change..... " to be able to adjust the next change (without save it, to schedule)

Best Regards Balazs
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  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    Hello - Am I missing something?

    Scenario: It's 4 pm and your system is due off at 5 pm and you know you will (just today) work to 7 pm.

    Answer - open app for that room and below Resume Schedule it will show:

    Until next time Block: 1700

    Change that to 1900!

    Job Done??