Pairing help!

Setting up the wireless system. Replacing a wireless system.
Happily have wired up the new receiver. Sensor is paired with bridge.
Cannot get receiver to pair. Showing one light on an intermittent flash. App says it’s not connected.
Have used longer wires to move the bridge. Can anyone help?


  • I reset all three devices and now the receiver is showing as connected in the app. BUT the alert (triangle !) light is also on with the wifi light and both are flashing intermittently. The heating seems to be working (has come on to schedule) but what is the device error? I cannot see a way to find out!

  • And now it’s back to not being connected! I’m going to have to wire our old one back in :-(
  • It might be a wiring problem, it might be a range issue with the bridge, it might be a faulty unit. Hard to say without more information.
  • ts2907
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    I did a reset on everything again and it’s now connected and the heating is operational. That WiFi light on the receiver is still slow flashing though. Is it supposed to?
  • johnnyp78
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    I don’t have a wireless receiver so don’t have any direct experience. This is what a quick Google turned up:

    On an extension kit the light does a slow pulse when it’s paired and connected.
  • I have been through all of the support and guidance on the Tado website. The receiver paired briefly last night but is now offline again. Nothing seems to work in connecting it. When it connected last night it was seemingly random!

    Getting no reply from Tado live chat :(