Genuine Consumer harm

My Home is without heating after installing a Tado system, which was installed by a recommended professional.

I cannot even get a response from Tado let alone a fix.

I am unable to un install the system - what am i supposed to do?

My childrens bedrooms are freezing.


  • The first thing I would do is talk to the installer.
  • Did the installer test the system and was it in working order. The issue is with the installer and not tado at this stage. I agree with @johnnyp78 you need to contact the installer.

  • Unfortunately.....I don't really think that there are many engineers who actually have any experience with tado..... That's just my thoughts from reading posts that seem to have installation issues.
  • I don't understand why electricians/plumbers would have problems with the installation, as it's a standard setup and the instructions are clear. I'm sure they wouldn't even need the instructions. Interesting but scary.