I have fitted the wireless v3 control, when the thermostat calls for heat the boiler fan clicks on the fan starts up bur the boiler doesn't fire up, also there is know response at all from a hot water call, I have a Worcester greenstar 18i boiler and a three way vale.



  • royi
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    It definitely sounds like a wiring issue. Could you provide details of your set including pictures before and after.

  • Hi,

    The two pictures show how the original Drayton LP722 7 day programmer was wired and how I have tried to transfer the wiring over unsuccessfully as the boiler won't fire up and the three way valve doesn't operate.

  • wateroakley
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    @DG1000 This is a wiring problem. The wires on your new wireless receiver are not labelled? First, your old controller backplate had two brown wires on terminal L LIVE. On the the wireless receiver, the seond brown appears to be on CH NO. Why? Second, the original installer of the backplate has used Green/Yellow on terminal 4. This is a Live wire for CH ON. Not even a brown sleeve to indicate a 'Live' wire? (Dangerous / shudder). On the wireless receiver, it would appear the Green/Yellow wire for CH ON is now parked on Earth. Why? (Shudder). If in doubt, consult a professional.

  • I suggest you open the app. Go into Settings - Rooms & Devices - Wireless Receiver - Installation Instructions and follow instructions for your boiler and use the labels provided - It's not worth double guessing. As @wateroakley mentioned, if you're not competent enough seek a professional.