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Hi. I am installing a Tado Wireless to a “Main COMBI 30 Eco” I followed all instructions carefully. The Tado internet bridge, wireless sensor and wireless receiver all work fine together. It is that the boiler never fires up. I have tried linking L to CH COM and isolating the black wire as well as connecting the black wire. Both configurations are not working. Any help is greatly appreciated

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    I finally figured it all out and the combi boiler system is now working very well. I will include below the results. This is provided as is about what I did and is not an instruction for you to follow. Use this information at your own risk. I am not liable to any damage that may occur. Always follow all safety rules and regulations. If you are unsure about the work, hire a trained professional.

    My boiler: I have the "Main Combi 30 Eco" boiler with an RF Salus wireless receiver that works with a thermostat and a timer that looks very similar to this one from Worcester:

    The boiler looks like this. You can see the installed Salus RF receiver as the big grey disk on the right.:

    At the Tado Wireless Receiver, I connected the following wires. I shouldn't have opened the cover without turning off the power! but I was careful and closed it up quickly after taking the picture:

    1. Blue wire to Supply N.
    2. Brown wire to Supply L.
    3. Black wire is isolated and not connected to anything.
    4. Grey wire to Central Heating/CH NO.
    5. In addition, add a short u-shaped link wire from #2 to #3 above (so from Supply L to CH COM).

    At the boiler, I did the following:

    1. I threaded the wire coming from the Tado wireless receiver through one of the provided inlets.
    2. I removed the cover for the junction box.
    3. I removed the short yellow link wire that was there.
    4. I connected brown wire to the L terminal (along with the existing brown wire).
    5. I connected blue wire to the N terminal (along with the existing blue wire).
    6. I connected the grey wire to the furthest terminal per the Tado instructions.
    7. I connected the black wire to the terminal next to the terminal where the grey wire connects per the Tado instructions.
    8. I left the earth terminal wire connected as is.

    Then, to isolate the Salus RF receiver (because it prevented this from working and Tado instructions didn't tell me about it), I shorted the two black wires coming in from the Salus by connecting them to each other. this ensures "Always ON". I'm not sure if this boiler has a simpler way to do this. But basically, I opened the PCB board cover and where the wire harness is coming in from the Salus RF, I jammed a short link wire (the purple wire) to connect the two black wires as you see below. The good thing about this is that it is totally reversible. I didn't cut, extend or connect wires. I just made sure that purple wire is securely inserted and sturdy in that connector terminal:

    That's it. I closed everything up, cancelled the old timer and controller (removed the batteries) and followed all the Tado instructions to get everything working and it works like a charm. My Tado wireless thermostat sends a signal to the Tado Wireless receiver to turn on and off and when the third light is on at the Tado wireless receiver, the boiler also gets fired up and when it goes off, the boiler goes off. Hot water is not affected by this at all. It still turns on when someone opens a faucet.


  • To understand your setup, could you provide photos of your previous and current setup. To do this select the desktop site from the menu

  • Sorry. I figured out why it was not working! The combo boiler already has its own wireless controller. It turns out that I have to set that to turn the boiler on then take out the batteries. From there on Tado can control the boiler. Not sure if there is a better way to set the boiler to be “always on”
  • We set the manual internal controller in our rellies Worcester combi boiler to 'ON' 24/7.

  • I have a “Main Combi 30 Eco”. Not sure it has an always on internal controller. If anyone knows this specific model and how to set it to be always on, please reply here. Thank you!