New Tado thermostat and Prime TRVs - radiators not on

Hi. We've just had a Tado smart thermostat installed and, at the same time, changed all the radiator TRVs to Prime TRVs (manually operated). If the Tado thermostat reaches temperature but eg one or two rooms are below the temperature being called for by the TRV i.e. a rad is set to '5' on the TRV, does the Tado 'win' and shut off heat to the rads/whole system until the temperature drops in the one room that the thermostat is in?


  • From what you describe the system is working correctly. It will work just as an old fashioned thermostat system apart from the ability to specify better programming. If you can add Tado thermostats to some of the unmonitored rooms it will work better and you’ll see the benefits. The Prime valves look like a Drayton copy so be careful to check if a Tado fits