Identifying a TRV - can anyone help

Unfortunately there is no manufactures name on the TRVs on my radiators. I have done an image search on Google but results are inconclusive. Anyone help?

I attach some pictures. Thanks for any help.

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  • spinnekop
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    From it's appearance a Tado TRV would probably screw straight on without an adaptor - there are several adaptors in the pack to try. You could order a valve from Amaz0n and if it doesn't fit send it back?


  • You are right. I did get on the Tado site some pictures of rad valves which helped better than the line drawings in the FAQs. They are generic cheapish thermostatic rad valves by perhaps evolve and sold by Screwfix for example. Tado smart TRVs do indeed screw straight on. Rather luckily Screwfix had a Black Friday sale at a good reduction. Now all my rads have them fitted - work really well and well pleased.