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Self installation

We have chosen to have our Tado wireless thermostat installed professionally. The pro told us Tado as a product is fab but he says it should not be classed as self installation because once you take off the boiler cover you have broken safety regulations and would need it to be assessed by a professional afterwards.
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  • royi
    royi ✭✭
    edited October 2023

    I installed mine nearly a year ago. I have the Wireless V3+ kit and didn't have to remove the boiler cover, I just had to replace the existing programmer. So, removing the boiler cover doesn't apply to everyone.

  • hugbilly

    Likewise, my Y plan system has a junction box where the feed to and from the valve, connect to the boiler and programmer. The latter was simply replaced by the wireless receiver so no opening of the boiler casing was needed . . .

  • So have now had it fitted. You are right my boiler cover didn't come off but I still was pleased a pro put all the wires in right place .
  • seems to me that your 'pro' is merely trying to protect his job.

  • Can anyone please tell me where in the app I can find the option to book a professional installation? I cannot see it. I've looked in "Care & Protect".

  • royi

    That option is no longer available. Are you experiencing as problems with the system?

  • dmgk

    Has anyone have details of an installation engineer in Western Suisse, Vaud, Lausanne?