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Replace therma txq0027 with tado wireless

Hi , I really need some advice please , I have boiler with hot water tank , the boiler is Ideal logic heat2 h15 new model , with controler instaled therma tqx0027 (esi) with dual heating zone (downstairs and 1 floor) , I can't figure out how to connect 9 cables with tado , on the tqx0027 are next wired
3 cable blue to N
3 cable brown to L
1 grey to HW on
1 black to CW 2 on
1 brown to CW 1 on
Cw 1 and cw 2 is zone 1 and zone 2

I can't go further in the app is not finding my boiler ? I have no clue what to do


  • I have this exact same setup - after following advice from other users in the forum I found I had the following:

    Therma Thermostat - 3 wires connected as follows:

    1 - Live

    2 - Neutral

    5 - Normally Open

    I mapped these on the Tado to:

    Live Wire - Com (Common)

    Neutral Wire - P1 (Parking)

    Normally Open (also known as switched live) - N/O

    You can also follow the instructions for the similar ESRTP5 from Esi - it my reference additional wires but I doubt you will have this setup. I am in a Redrow new build if that is any help.

  • Mark_T

    Also moving to a Redrow home. I have the Myson wall thermostats (3 downstairs for underfloor heating zones, one upstairs). Can I check if you replaced these with Tado ones?