How to change radiator valve to independent?

Hi all, how do I change one of my radiator valves into independent?

I have two rooms that usually receive lots of sun and get warmer than rest of the house, but the radiator valve at those rooms keeps turning itself on from time to time, which makes the temperature at these rooms too warm.

From what I read, maybe setting them independently could help


  • johnnyp78
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    The Tado trv will only heat the room to the temperature you set it to, unless it’s giving a wildly inaccurate temperature reading. You can make the room independent of a zone controller under the room settings.
  • There is no option to make a valve independent on my tado app.
  • Got to Settings -> Rooms & Devices. Tap on the room name and scroll down. You should have the Zone Controller setting below the Dazzle mode setting. Change it to no zone conroller

    I would be looking at the temperature the room is seeing. I have three rooms which get good solar gain and Tado doesn't fire up those rooms when they get warm

    Just a reminder, tado doesn't just look at where the temperature is compared with the set point. If it sees a dropping temp, it will call for heat even above set point so that it can stop the temp dropping too far below set point. Similarly, if temp is below set point but tado sees it increasing, it won't call for heat unless the temp levels out below set point

  • Not sure why this thread got bumped but as was said above there’s no option to make a a valve independent, but as shown above you can make a room independent.