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Set a manual time limit on Manual Away Mode to go back to auto.

Set a manual time limit on Manual Away Mode to go back to auto similar to the manual timer mode on the TRVs/Thermostats.
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  • M4C
    Why isn't this a feature?? I have underfloor heating which doesn't work with geofencing (it takes more then 10 minutes to warm up!). I have to manually turn away mode on but then remember or set an alarm to remind me to switch to home.
    This is not just a routine. Surely it can't be that hard to code??
  • JimH
    +1 for this feature request for me too please!
  • Not so much a duration, but the time and day to start up again.

    Auto switch to "Away" may be useful but the start-up time will depend on more than the software can accommodate. It won't know your mode of travel, so switching back on should not be a function of your distance away. If it's cold or windy, I need to give my system more time to get everything back to temperature.

    I always switch to "Home" manually.

  • Kestral1
    Yes, the geofencing doesnt really work for me as I dont always have location turned on and the house takes longer to heat up than when it sees me returning.