Panasonic 8/10 degrees mode missing

After a lot of reading about the AC controller, I was falsely mislead to believe that I’d be able to control ALL the features/buttons from my old Panasonic heat pump - but no - apparently Tado do not support such simple thing as modes.

I have a vacation home where I need to be able to set an away mode, and when I’m there I need a comfort mode. I absolutely do not care about geofencing, schedules etc. those are of no use for me. I just need comfort and away! My old remote let’s me do just that. Panasonic has a 8/10degree function, that keeps the heat at 10degrees an the internal fan at high to secure air circulation. I cannot even set it lower than 16degrees with the Tado unit - making it useless for my purpose.

When a product doesn’t even have core functions (aka. promise to control existing functionality) in place, the rest of the ‘smart features’ become redundant.

I have afterwards learned from Reddit, Facebook etc. that many other users have the same problem and you do not listen to their feature requests. Even by other users in this community.

One can get a 10€ IR transmitter that can learn the code and transmit what I need. But your 10 times more expensive product can’t…


  • Montage

    Sounds like a fair summary.

  • Jens_P
    I have the same problem, and both me and others in Scandinavia have requested Tado to include this simple fix many times.
    My work-around is to put the a/c into the 8/10 degree mode manually when we leave the summer cottage. Then I use Tado remotely to switch the a/c off, and then into normal heating mode, 12 hrs before we arrive to the cottage.