Use wired to break live connection Wunda floor E8.583RF Wireless Control Centre

I want to replace a Hortsmann Channel Plus H37XL, 3-zone timer.  

My radiators and underfloor heating and water are controlled with it.  

The underfloor heating control box is a Wunda floor E8.583RF Wireless Control Centre, a photo of the circuit connections is in this PDF here -->

I have read I need a wired thermostat to use with this underfloor heating and use that as a zone in the Tado app, but I am not sure if it would have a connection.  I've called Wunda, and they can't comment on the Tado thermostats. I was thinking I could use the Tado Wired thermostat to break the live connection going to the E8.583RF control centre (right-hand side of the PCB shown in the photo).

Has anyone used the wired thermostat to do this?