No mention on Tado website of wireless cylinder stat setup

I have Honeywell:

  • Wireless enabled programmer (ST9420C)
  • Wireless room thermostat (DT92E)
  • Wireless cylinder thermostat (CS92A)

And a Baxi system boiler. All I want to know is which kit I need to buy. The wireless starter kit makes no mention of a wireless cylinder stat.


  • Montage
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    Tado don’t make such a thing.

  • @jerrydd I used to have the Honeywell programmer and thermostat (non wireless version), before moving to tado. The Wireless starter kit should should be fine and the wiring should be straight forward.

    Tado is not interested in the cylinder part of the system - you might lose that function. Is there a way to manually change the settings.

  • The cylinder stat communicates wirelessly with the Honeywell programmer. Removing the ST9420C will mean that there is no control of the hot water cylinder. Tado isn't suitable for your setup.

  • wateroakley
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    With all due respect to our grilledcheese expert ... you should be able to do this if you wire the HW control in series through the Honeywell HW programmer and Tado HW. Or add a wired cylinder stat and rewire with Tado accordingly.
    After rewiring the current setup in series … Set the Honeywell programmer ‘ON’ and the HW ‘temperature’, then you can use Tado for the ‘day/time’.
    This is no different in principle to our old Honeywell wireless room stat with Tado.
    If in any doubt, consult a professional.
  • Thanks for your help. I can't use a wired cylinder stat due to the difficulties of running a cable but maybe I can keep the Honeywell wireless cylinder stat transceiver (CS92A) and buy a receiver if such a thing exists, which can then work with Tado - ie effectively converting my wireless cylinder stat into a wired one? Can't believe no-one else has this problem.