Can I reset the wireless receiver remotely?

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We have a small annex that we rent out to guests. We are not always in the area when it is occupied by guests. (So we dont use geofencing)

Our Tado wireless receiver has caused us problems on a number of occasions since we had it fitted 5 months ago.

It goes off line too frequently for comfort (Every few weeks).

When it goes off line, the Boiler keeps chugging away at 23 +degrees way beyond anything we set it too. (regardless of where it was in the schedule when it went off line)

My question is: is there any way to reset it when we are away?

JennieB :)


  • I don't see any way for a "remote reset" to be achieved with the current generation of tado devices.
  • gary333
    gary333 ✭✭✭

    Is the wireless receiver too close to the boiler? You can't reboot it, so would be easier to move it a bit further away from the boiler if it's the boiler blocking the signal. Does restarting the bridge not force it back online? You could attach that to a WiFi switch if it does.

  • Hi gary333,

    Thanks for this. The Bridge reset alone doesn't usually force it back on line. It most often needs a complete reset on the receiver and sensor to start them 'talking to each other'.

    I will recheck on the boiler/ receiver positioning. Our plumber did when he fitted it, but will re check with Tado.

    However, I am interested in the Wifi switch on the bridge. Any you can recommend ?

    Many thanks


  • @Jennieb

    I thought that your main question was.......

    " My question is: is there any way to reset it when we are away? "

    Or have I missed something here........

  • You don’t even need a Wi-Fi switch, a manually timed one would do, just set it to turn on and off for five minutes every morning.