Can you read and control the radiator thermostats yourself?

I would like to control the set-point and read the temperatures from the thermostats myself.

Is this possible with the Tado thermostats?



  • Have you tried the Tado website ??🤔

  • Yes @GrayDav4276 - but could not find it. But assume you know where I can find it, with your quite useless "answer"?

  • I'm sure that someone ( more helpful than me ) will try to answer your question for you........

  • ... and to expand on the question: That is without using any (Tado) cloud service, but local connection on your own network.

  • Definitely not possible unless you can get hold of the api and use it with something like home assistant.
  • @hoegge

    If you had added your "expanded" information into your original post.......then I would have been able to supply you with a "useful" answer.........which would have been exactly what @johnnyp78 said........ah well never mind, at least your question has been answered.

  • :-D @GrayDav4276 - yes - that was what I tried to say by "myself", but was clearly not formulated well. Thanks for taking the time.

  • Montage
    Montage ✭✭✭

    Haven’t seen anyone grab data locally. Mine comes from the remote API.