I need to move the internet bridge and my router so need a longer cable. What is the correct name of the small end that plugs into the power supply plug as I can only find usb or double ended ethernet plugs? Thank you


  • Maybe add a picture of what you actually want to replace?
    With my bridge, there came two cables
    A) a short ethernet cable, with the same, 8-pin jack (RJ45) on each side.Used for network.
    B) a short USB cable, with a small connector on one side, plugging into the Tado-bridge (USB C), and on the other side, a larger connetor (USB A), plugging into the power-brick, but could go into a router USB port. Used for power.

    Neither cable is particulary suited for /extending/.
    For A), you'd usually need a passive female-female connector-block, and a longer male-male cable. Might as wel just /replace/ the short cable with the longer one. Max length of ethernet cable is around 300 ft / 90m normally. If you have to go over about 10% of that, I'd be surprised, so the length is not a practical limit. Otherwise, there's always active ethernet bridges..
    For B), there are reasonably easy to find extension cables with male and female USB A type connectors. However, a long-ish USB A to C cable is even easier to find, as they are used for charging phones. For such a cable, used for power, not communication, 6 ft/1.80m-ish would be the longest I'd go. If you need more distance, just use an extension cord on the mains-side of the power-supply brick.
  • I am not near it at the moment but it is the cable that comes from the wall plug into the internet bridge unit, it is an ethernet plug 1 side and a small mobile phone charger type the other side which goes into the wall plug. The tado is not working at the moment so the lodge is 6 degrees. I suspect the Internet bridge needs replacing elsewhere but I would need a longer cable as there are no sockets on the opposite wall where the internet router and bridge . Thank you
  • shows the two cables. One is an Ethernet cable, the other just a USB cable, A to micro usb actually (just checked the actual cable)
  • Thank you so much for taking the time yo answer, much appreciated :)