Rooms cold with Tado TRV

I have tado trv on the radiators and the house was noticably colder than previous. After looking around tado forums, I notice that a lot of people are saying the TRV is too close to the rad and the sensor is not looking at the real room temperature. tado response is to buy a wireless temperature sensor and have them in the same room as the trv and make the WTS the main control. So, ive spent £££'s on the TRV and now I have to spend more on WTS for each room? No, absolutely not.

So last week I put back the old mechanical trv on the rads and left the tado trv near to the middle of the rooms that I could. Rooms are noticably warmer, as is the house.

I am tempted to just go back to the old single wall mounted stat and remove the trv from the system completely.


  • Have you tried the offset which will mean the cold temp will be wrong, or elevating the setpoint until your room temp is met using a separate thermometer? Either not pretty.

  • yes and so have a lot of others. the sensors are too close to the rads.

    I have had a thermometer near to where i have now placed the tado trv for a while and it previously & it got no where near the temp that tado was saying the room was at, even with an offset.

    Now on the old mech trv and the tado trv next to the thermostat the temperatures match... as does the humidity (by +-2%).

  • Hunter
    edited November 2022

    Actually the issue is lack of shielding or an algorithm that predicts the room temp. Hive TRVs do a better job at predicting the room temp. I have both configurations with and without the extra temp sensor, the extra sensor obviously solves the issue although the control algorithm seems more complex. I have one lone trv and yes it’s a PIA, just resolved to use that one by gradually increasing it until the desired room temp is met, wouldn’t like to base my whole house on that method…

  • I put a suggestion in the other forum for room characteristics to be added to the app - dimensions, rad position(s), orientation (NSEW).

    I think it would be impossible for Tado (or any other brand) to predict room temps without this information

  • I’ve read before that the Tado trvs were originally designed to be placed horizontally at the top of the radiator, as they are often fitted in Germany. Unfortunately in the uk, it’s standard to put them at the bottom of the radiator, vertically.
  • @davidlyall Hive managed to do this much better, no 3-4 deg C delta that changes with rad temp. It’s possible and missing from these devices. That said with the sensor they are great and hive have many issues.