What happens if I have two Tado Wireless Temperature Sensors?

I'm wondering what happens if I have two Tado° Wireless Temperature Sensors?

If I have one of the sensors in Bedroom and the other one in the living room and each one set to a different temperature, which of the sensors will control my boiler?


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    Assuming you’ve put them in different rooms on the app and set them to have a zone controller I think they both will. If they’re set to different target temperatures this would lead to one telling the boiler to turn on and then the other telling it to turn off.
  • Thanks for your answer. If I understand you correctly, you are saying that it doesn't make sense to have two different wireless temperature sensors for one single zone as this would cause conflicting results, right?

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    Yup, one would clash with the other.
  • I have 3 rooms that each contain wood burning stoves as well as 1 or 2 radiators with SRTs. I also have wireless temperature sensors in each of these rooms. These are wall mounted away from both the radiators and the stoves and I find this gives a more precise control of the radiators when the stoves are in use.
  • @Kissarmy thanks for your response. But again, won't those wireless temperature sensors clash with each other?

    Let's say if you set the temperature sensor in room 1 to 17 and the temperature sensor in room 2 to 21, which one is going to control the boiler?

  • If the tado° SRT's are in different rooms in the App......then they will both place a demand on the boiler.....the boiler will supply heated water into your system, and the SRT that is "calling for heat" will be open and allow heated water into it's radiator.......is that any clearer.
  • Thanks, but what the hell is a SRT? :-)

  • SRT is a Smart Radiator Thermostat ie the smart TRV…..I think!

  • An SRT is the correct name for the tado° radiator thermostat......read post by @Kissarmy

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    The op is talking about wireless temperature sensors though.
  • @itsthomas If all you have is 2 wireless temperature sensors then it is rather pointless. If you also have some Smart Radiator Thermostats (SRTs) then they become more useful. Yes the SRTs have air temperature sensors built in them but the readings may not be a good representation of where you are actually seated in a room, especially a large room with an alternative hear source such as a log burner. In this case the Wireless Temperature Sensor and all the SRTs in the room are grouped together in a Tado virtual room and the Wireless Temperature Sensor is made the measuring device for the room. The SRTs will then rely on the Wireless Temperature Sensor to call for heat from the boiler. There is also the advantage that if you have elderly relatives living with you (or a luddite wife in my case) it is easy for them to adjust the temperature in that room only without needing a phone app or having to reach awkwardly placed radiator valves. I will probably be adding 3 more Wireless Temperature Sensors as my wife has had enough of continually reinstalling the app and it forgetting who she is after a day.
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  • Interesting, and relates to my recent question.

    Does a second sensor (or TRV, for that matter) actually cause the boiler to stop, or if the other one is still calling for heat, doesn’t the boiler just keep running, particularly if these are powering a relay rather than modulation?
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    I think if one device is left calling for heat, the boiler will keep running until target temperature is reached.
  • Thanks @johnnyp78 that has to be the case, right? Otherwise, any time one device reached target, the boiler would momentarily think there was no heat demand, only to then realise there was, from elsewhere, and refute. That would make the system performance really frustrating!

    @itsthomas your twin sensor query is like my own idea. We tend to congregate in different parts of the home at different times of day. With a central stat, the heating can go off but we then notice it in the room we’re in. So I'm thinking have two or more temp sensors programmed for different periods of the day, and when one of them calls, the heating fires up. This is preferable to STRVs because I still want heat in the other areas, and I’m running boiler weather comp (so don’t want to reduce down emitter areas as it adversely impacts efficiency).

    In other words, I think there’s a useful application for multiple sensors over smart TRVs (particularly with boiler (not stat) weather compensation)