Increasing the 10-room limit

Is there any update on the 10-room limit? I would love to add more valves to my house, but it has 14 radiators and 13 rooms and I'm maxed out on rooms. I don't see any reason why this shouldn't be possible. This is the only issue I have with Tado's otherwise excellent system.

I see that Tado has responded elsewhere with clarifications on the limit, which I find not so useful. I respectfully ask that Tado issue an official statement, please, about the intent re. amending the software.

In particular, I would like a confirmation if Tado will NEVER increase the limit. My rationale is that I know companies don't like to promise what might take time to do, but if Tado releases an official statement about if it intends never to increase room controllers then everyone will know where they stand with respect to investing in the system.


  • It's not actually a 10 room limit. Rather a limit on the number of rooms that can call for heat. You can add more TRVs but you'd just need to decide which 10 are able to cause the boiler to fire

    You could set an ensuite bathroom to have the same schedule as the bedroom and allow the bedroom TRV to call for heat. Similarly, other infrequently used rooms could also be set up so they only get heat when another room is calling for it.

    Hope that makes sense.
  • That sounds like a 10 room limit to me!!

    Why would I want to set up a room that might get warm when I want it to, but only if somewhere else is colder than it should be.

    It's a real shame that this limit is in place. I just ditched all of my Hive products in favour of Tado, and I was enjoying it until I discovered that my bathroom wasn't heating up when I wanted it to.

    Looks like I'm going to have to return all of this for a full refund as it's not fit for purpose.

    If they just commit to addressing the room limit, the fact that only one wireless receiver can be set up, and the inability to extend the range of the system in any way, I would be willing to wait for them to sort it out. Unfortunately, from what I've read it seems like Tado are not interested in developing this any further and are comfortable with their 'compatible with 95% of all central heating systems' stance - I would imagine that a large chunk of business would be available to them in that other 5% if they were to address it!

  • It's not fit for 95% of all systems, but 95% fit for all systems. That last 5% is about 95% of the work (as it is something else for each system to fix), which is why they won't do it. Aeal shame as the basic hardware is probably salvagable, if only one could freely program it. But they are determined to earn money from users of their software, instead of from just selling hardware...
  • I've got a solution.

    I bought a wired smart thermostat, set it up, pretended that I was replacing a Drayton thermostat. There is no "actual" second zone, so nothing physical to control.

    Although the instructions say it would be automatically assigned to be a zone controller, it wasn't and I had to recruit Tado help, who said "I have now created a second heating zone in your account."

    So now I have two zone controllers, with a limit of 10 valves on each, and that works perfectly for me.

    I didn't bother wiring the new "wired" thermostat to anything / anywhere since I don't have an actual valve to control. It may turn out that I have to parallel it across the other wired stat (if it's only those valves in the second zone calling for heat) but that will be a simple job.

    I don't imagine this solution would work for digital control systems. Mine is analogue.

  • I did exactly the same. Even had to contact Tado too to get the second controller setup (which seems a bit of a waste of time - I'm not sure why it doesn't just happen automatically)

    I did post up the details, but it must have been on another topic.

    You will need to wire the thermostat up as otherwise, when a TRV makes a call for heat to it, it won't fire the boiler. Like you say, though, just wire it in parallel with your wireless zone controller which is what I did for mine.

    Works a treat! I placed mine in the bedroom since the bedroom wall had the central heating controls on the other side. The other alternative would be to just set it up as another room (that you don't use for anything) and stash it away somewhere.