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Dear Team,

I have installed 12 Tados so far in my house and more are to come. I like the idea, although it is not a new one. However, yours seems to work 👌 Having said this, I am missing one huge functionality: as an example: if you have your kids over every other week, I would need to every week redo the schedules so as to not heat their rooms when they are not there. This could be Profile KIDSatHOME. Every other week it's profile NoKIDS.

Or: when you have guests over, you need the living room and kitchen to be heated for longer. You don't want to think about the setting at 22:00 when you see the guests putting on their pullovers. This could be Profile GUESTNight.

You see my point? In my view, this would be a huge additional benefit to the already good GUI and existing functionalities. And, perhaps this might not even be such a big development?

Thank you guys! I appreciate a lot your work. Especially in these more challenging times!

So long,


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  • You're right about the need for more flexible schedules/profiles that can be named. There's been previous requests on here. Are you aware that there's already 3 schedules per room. You can switch between the schedules without losing the time/temp settings each time. You do need to remember the purpose of each one though.

  • see this thread.

    Individual Geofence Option

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  • Agreed, a visitor profile and I'm not working this week profile etc.
  • Just adding my support to the call for more profiles.
    In my ideal world, TADO would have "seasonal" profiles that I could tailor to suit my own preferences at the click of a button.