I have just installed a complete system. When I tried to heat only one room all the radiators came on. Any suggestions as to what I might have done wrong?


  • When you go to settings -> rooms and devices are the trvs set to separate rooms?
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    Much more information /detail required....
    What do you think is a complete system....
    How many Smart Radiator Thermostats and Room Thermostats do you have?? 🤔
  • TRVs set for individual rooms. Complete System: One Wireless Temperature Sensor, One Wireless Receiver, 9 TRVs

  • If you’ve set up separate rooms with the trvs (which I’m assuming are smart Tado trvs) and all the radiators are coming on, that suggests to me that they may not be mounted properly or may not be registered to the correct room
  • Will check but each gives a sensible temperature for the room to which they are allocated.
  • In that case it sounds like a mounting issue. Maybe check whether the pins on the radiator can move freely, they can get calcified in hard water areas.
  • Thanks for the comments and the various suggestions. I will work them through. Heating is, of course, turned off for summer. I identified the problem when I turned on one heater when all the rest were in frost protection mode. It might be easier for me to understand what is happening when the heating is in normal winter mode. I should be able to work something out.